The BarBox

The Barbox is an all-in-one brand experience, designed to be the best backyard bar. I designed a digital platform that tells the story of the Barbox, allows users to customize and restock their bar, and creates a lifestyle hub for backyard enthusiasts. I led the design on all the digital assets for this product, from the wireframes and system architecture to the site design and interactions.

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Almost every project starts with a few quick sketches. In this phase, I’m mostly just trying to let my mind explore the composition without being overly concerned about the usability constraints. This helps me start thinking “what if”, noticing any particular shapes I’m going to be arranging, and discovering unique compositions. I’ll also quickly jot down ideas for content and interactions. This exercise usually gives me a good bank of ideas, and I can refine them as the story becomes clearer.


Since the initial task for this product was a marketing site, I began exploring ways the site design might compliment the architecture of the box. I love the opportunity for design to complement the narrative of the product, and often times these quick ideas lead to fruitful collaboration with the rest of the team.



System Architecture & Wireframes

As the story became more defined, the sketches get refined into tighter wireframes. My goal in this stage is to give the team something concrete to talk about. These wireframes help us start defining the goals for each section and understanding how different sections interact with each other. This process helped define the vision for the whole product as our team began to see the value in making the digital presence a backyard lifestyle hub.



Site Design

The site is designed around the story of the Barbox. The narrative starts by focusing on the product, its construction and easy setup. By the end of the page, the focus has shifted to the ownership experience, customization, restocking, and the backyard lifestyle. 



Bar Customization

The Barbox platform that allows consumers to customize with themes, neons, logos and more. It’s a fully-customizable platform that allows consumers to express their passion for their favorite brands. 



Social Integrations & Purchasing

And of course there’s the beer. Barbox is designed as a beer subscription vehicle to allow owners to keep their Barbox continually stocked with their favorite brews.




I love the opportunity to use design to support a good story. I really enjoyed how involved I was able to be in this project—not just in creating the digital assets but also in helping to shape the narrative of the product. Oh, and there were drinks.