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Boca Loca Cachaça

Boca Loca is Brazil's smoothest spirit

Responsive Web Design, Print design

Boca Loca Cachaça

Cachaça is a remarkably smooth spirit known for good times around the globe. On the heels of a brand refresh, I worked with the Boca Loca marketing team to launch a new web presence and brand lookbook. My goal was to convey the energy, passion and soul of Brazilian culture, creating a beautiful platform to tell their story.


Sketches and Wireframes

Following my traditional process, I started with loose sketches and then moved to more polished wireframes. This helps get the whole team on the same page about the basic flow of the site, and the lack of visual style helps us to really focus on the intent of each section.



I was able to create several custom marks for the company to accompany their brand pillars. We discovered that this bright, geometric style really aligned with the vibrant Brazilian culture we wanted to convey.



Building a Brand Photo Library

One of the best parts of this project was getting to work with a photographer to create a brand photo library. We captured each of their signature cocktails, as well as some lifestyle images, that were used for the website and ongoing marketing efforts.

Photographs and styling by Jivan & Kathryn Davé.


Site Design

Once we had established the feel of the brand with icons and photography, I created a simple landing page to tell the Boca story. The goal for this page was to inform new fans of the brand about the rich history behind the spirit, as well as make it easily accessible to buyers and distributors.


Brand Booklet

Finally, I created a brand lookbook. This was used to tell the Boca Loca story to potentials clients and distributors. My goal was for this to quickly give a new buyer the talking points of Boca Loca, but also to put something in their hands that conveyed the personality of the brand.