Califia Farms

I led the interactive design effort for the launch of Califia Farms e-commerce site. Our goal was to create an accessible, informative platform for the Califia brand, alongside a delightful shopping experience.

Created with Erwin Penland


Sketches & Wireframes

I usually start a project with loose sketches and notes. This allows me to move quickly through ideas and get a grasp on the scope of the project. Because this project needed early buy-in from client stakeholders, and Califia already had a pretty established brand, I moved to higher-fidelity wireframes fairly quickly.


Design Concepts

My initial approach started with an exploration based on the existing marketing content. Traditionally, Califia has used many of these handdrawn fonts and vibrant patterns. 


Final Design

Over the course of our exploration, Califia decided to use this site launch as an opportunity to refine the overall look of their brand. My goal was to create a new design language that felt progressive, modern, and more evergreen. My intent for the website was to create a silent, orderly platform that allows the products and photographs to be the hero. Overall, this project included 10 fully responsive templates.