When Eloise was born, I decided I’d try to take one film picture of her every day for a year. I kept all the film until the whole year had elapsed, then after her birthday I sent it off for development.

 For the first few rolls, I accurately captured one frame per day, but over time I deviated from this a little. Once I went back to work and the days started to get shorter, it became harder to stick to that routine. I also didn’t have a flash, which was a tough constraint during the winter. I ended up with six rolls (216 frames) for the year.

Shooting film makes you be deliberate, but it also alleviates some pressure for everything to be edited and perfect. Film feels honest. There were a few frames with closed eyes or a blurry baby, but I guess that’s pretty accurate for the first few days of a baby.

 Overall, I’m so happy I did this. I think I accomplished my goal of capturing a chronological memory of these beginning days in our family. It’s bittersweet to see my little girl already growing and changing so much.

 *Gear: Canon EOS 3, Kodak Tri-X 400, 35mm f/2 lens