Griswold Cast Iron

I created this work as a passion project and learning experiment. It was very important to me that this wasn't just a pretty thing to put in my portfolio, rather it was a measured, deliberate growth exercise. Read on to learn my objectives and how I evaluated them.



Concept & Sketches

One of my many goals for this project was to continue to refine and develop my design workflow. For this reason, I made note to follow my traditional process of starting simply, letting ideas flow without getting too caught up in the look and feel.



Concepting a Recipe App

Another goal I had for this project was to continue to develop my eye for how things will animate. I wanted to sharpen my intuition of how screens would flow together, and how I could portray those interactions. I used After Effects to build these prototypes.


Site Design

My main goal for this site was to explore ways for a page to have a visual cadence — a rhythm of sorts— using simple shapes to bring a flow and continuity to the experience. I had a tremendously enjoyable time developing this visual theme and trying to stretch it in unique ways.



Closing Notes

Passion projects have their place, and I realize that they often lack real-world restraints. However, when you create your own constraints, they can be a great exercise to strengthen your mind. I hope this conveys my curiosity and desire to always keep learning. Griswold felt like an appropriate timeless aesthetic, and it was fun to imagine bringing a modern face to it.