Nitro Cold Brew

I led the interactive design effort for Califia's new Nitro Cold Brew coffee.

Created with EP+Co


Sketching & Wireframes

After some initial research, I sketched out a layout for internal review. Working in this style helps me stay loose and not start designing too early. Once this was approved internally, I created a more polished version to share with the client.


Design Process

I knew that I wanted the site to have a complementary look and feel to the sleek, modern bottle. With this in mind, I jumped right in to visual options, exploring how to create and engaging, immersive answer to the question 'What is Nitro?'.


Final Design

The messaging for the launch ultimately centered on the billions of velvety bubbles that distinguish a Nitro brew. We used javascript to visually represent this experience as soon as you land on the page. I also discovered that the lightning bolts from the Nitro logo became a powerful visual motif for the site.


Accompanying Media

Following the microsite creative, I also designed multimedia banners to drive to the site. I enjoy these opportunities to carry a visual message over into more constraining spaces.



Interactive Quiz

As part of the web launch, we created an interactive quiz that allowed a user to answer simple questions to determine what Nitro flavor they might like the best.




Since the launch of, the site has netted over 20,000 unique page views leading to over 23 million impressions across paid social tactics.