In this collection I’m exploring plants, their organic forms, and the atmosphere they create in a space.

So why plants? The simplest reason is that I think they are beautiful and endlessly interesting. If my mind gets in a fretful bind, it’s often these simple, ordinary wonders that pull me out. They remind me that the burden to have ideas is something I should hold very loosely.

The second reason is that I’m interested in capturing the ambiance a plant creates in a space. Much like a plant brings an organic presence into a room, I hope my work will bring a sense of life into your favorite spaces. 

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My recent collection is focused on plants and the ambiance they create in a space.

Plant4-web.jpg IMG_0225.jpg

Philodendron 01

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Plant3-web.jpg IMG_0219.jpg

Monstera 01

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Plant1-web.jpg IMG_0184.jpg

Ficus Elastica

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Philodendron 02

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Plant5-web.jpg IMG_0190.jpg

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Plant6-web.jpg IMG_0201.jpg


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Plant7-web.jpg IMG_0196.jpg

Monstera 02

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Plant8-web.jpg IMG_0210.jpg

Bird of Paradise

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Plant9-web.jpg IMG_0165.jpg


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