In this collection I’m exploring plants, their organic forms, and the atmosphere they create in a space.

So why plants? The simplest reason is that I think they are beautiful and endlessly interesting. If my mind gets in a fretful bind, it’s often these simple, ordinary wonders that pull me out. They remind me that the burden to have ideas is something I should hold very loosely.

The second reason is that I’m interested in capturing the ambiance a plant creates in a space. Much like a plant brings an organic presence into a room, I hope my work will bring a sense of life into your favorite spaces. 

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My recent collection is focused on plants and the ambiance they create in a space.

Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica

from 48.00

18 x 24 oil on panel.

This painting was done largely with a palette knife, giving the texture a thick, visceral appearance. My favorite passages are in the highlights on the leaves where bright yellow and white swirl into the colors beneath them.

Prints are made on demand using the finest gicleé techniques. They are trimmed to 18x24” with a 1” white border on all sides. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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