Walker Reed

Designer. Dad. Etc.

A portrait of Walker's family
A picture of Walker and his daughter

👋🏼 Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m an independent designer and Webflow developer with 10 years experience concepting and building digital platforms. Or as I tell my kids: "I make the internet."

Good design is a strategic advantage and a modern business imperative. I partner with brands to imagine, build and evolve their digital presence.

I live in Greenville, SC with my lovely wife and three (!) kiddos. Outside of work, you’ll probably find me outside. Or spending money at Home Depot.

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What kind of work do I want to do?

Visually Compelling

I'm in this field because I'm a craftsman and an artist. I like to make things, and I want to keep being a student of the craft. I understand that design as a business is ultimately about solving business problems, but I want to work for people who consider aesthetics a competitive advantage and a business imperative.

Conceptually Intelligent

Great work is built on great ideas. I’m not interested in more efficient ways to meet the status quo or sneaking gimmicks inside someone else’s product. I want to build smart experiences that people need and love.

Generous Innovation

Technology creates unprecedented opportunities, and I hope that my career can contribute to those. I’m interested in work with a vision to create opportunities for others and contribute to the progress of society.





What do I bring to the table?


Growing up I lived in the country and daydreamed about becoming a cowboy. Thankfully that didn’t really work out, but I did come away with the work ethic.


I’ve been around long enough to know that having a thoughtful opinion is a good thing, but being a jerk will get you nowhere.


I’m known for my nimble skillset and ability to "figure it out". I can jump in where you need me— from the initial concept to the final screen.

Good Presence

I’m a good communicator, a flexible team player, and a man of my word. Soft skills are the real skills.

Get In Touch

I’m always happy to talk shop or hear about new opportunities. I take on limited freelance work when it’s a good match for my skillset and family. Fill out the form or just shoot me an email!

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